Marilyn Grunwald-38th County Committee


Why Am I Running?

      Alexander and Elizabeth Low (Nee Easton) were told that my chances of surviving my first night were less than 40 percent. Born in a small hospital in Scotland in 1953, with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus, my spine was exposed causing, in my case, a dislocated hip and paralysis of the right leg. I was extremely lucky to survive, and have been surviving ever since. To this day, I have always felt I survived this and other difficulties such as nearly drowning, a jaws-of-life car accident, sexual abuse, and a stroke for a reason. Working toimprove lives of otehrs is the reason!

       Society's treatment of persons, especially female persons, with disabilities, was not outstanding growing up and what people told me about me, would prove to have a lasting effect. Only in my 60's am I realizing that we with disabilities need to "come out" and own our lives, bodies, and minds. Not only CAN we contribute, but we MUST contribute for the many other kids who will be born into different lives.

       I applaud and support all the "others" who have found a footing in politics. However, it is just as important that the 38th Delegation has representation from people with disabilities as it is that our team includes people from the LGBTQ movement, labor, and people of color. I am a union member, have grandchildren in public school, and an immigrant. I work hard to do the best for all of these constituencies.

      Yes, this term there are many more than seven people running and it will be a challenge. My wish is that many people join me in the myriad things that can and must be done in the next few weeks. Election day is 3.3.20.