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More Thanks!

NOTE: The next few blogs will be Covid-19 related, but only in hindsight. I am NOT the person with the numbers or the latest health information. For that, please visit your local government website, or organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

I am interested in how this is changing society, or not, and what wonderful things may come from the isolation and slowing of pace. Will we finally fully use technology? Will we realize the air is cleaner? Will we value people who are not like us? These are the things that I believe matter. 

Second blog inspired by my Facebook friend, Len Muroff, a Hospice Care Chaplain,continuing 100 blessings daily. The history and proper protocol for this can be found at and a number of other sites. For now, I am just going to list the Twenty-three blessing that start my day...

Time to work...Blessings for

24. God given talent

25. The freedom to use time my way

26.  My computer is ready for me

27. The internet holds all that I need academically

28. My teachers

29. My classmates

30. Fellow activists

31. Online interactions





More next time