We at You Can't Tell By Looking (YCTBL) are glad you found us. It is our intention to produce essays, articles, and commentaries that are useful to you in your daily lives. However, we will not be doing all the talking; we want you to "talk back" and be involved as we move forward.
We will take a while to find our niche - we're so new we don't even have a mission statement.
We do know there will be story telling about living life; the occassional "ask" for our readers to support something worthwhile - that maybe out of your comfort zone, as well as opportunties to learn new and interesting things. 
This is also where Marilyn will share parts of her life's journey. Hopefully, some things will resonate with you and maybe even give you ideas for your own journey. Yes, there will be humor! 
We look forward to our paths crossing soon.